Lead Technician T3

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Lead Technician T3

The "T3" position is a skilled level job. This position is responsible for the following:

  1. Vehicle inspections - 52 point and 7 point
  2. Maintenance services and Tire related work
  3. Undercar services (Brakes / Shocks / Front end / Alignment) Maintenance services and Tire related work
  4. Under hood services (electrical / Tune-up /filters /fluids / gaskets)
  5. Diagnostic work and all other work related to the vehicle
  6. Development and training of "T1" and "T2" technicians
  7. Provide tools as needed to "T1" and "T2" technicians
  8. Personal Tools are required. (Personal tools are hand tools that are customarily required by the trade).
  9. Maintain a minimum of 2 ASE certifications
  10. Insure the honesty and integrity of the service work performed. Employees are to NEVER make any false, misleading or deceptive statements or engage in fraudulent, unlawful or unfair business practice.
  11. Save all old parts for our customers.
  12. No service will be attempted in which personnel are not fully qualified.
  13. Protect all vehicles while in our possession and a "business reply" mailer placed on the rear view mirror before repairs have started. Protective materials (seat covers, floor mats, and fender covers) are to be used when servicing all vehicles. Extreme care is to be exercised to avoid soiling the vehicle interior and exterior.
  14. Complete all of the work on each invoice to your best ability. Accidents happen... If you break something, run out of time, don't have the correct parts, need additional tools or assistance, let the manager know immediately.
  15. Report any unsafe conditions to your Supervisor immediately. Safety glasses are to be worn whenever you are at risk (usually when using a brake lathe, using a bench grinder, and whenever the employee perceives a risk of injury).
  16. Assist in cleaning and maintaining the service department and equipment. All employees are required to insure that the floor of their work area is safe and free of debris and fluids. Floor soap and chemicals should never be washed into the parking lot or street.
  17. Have Fun and take pride in your workmanship

In California stores, an additional incentive of $1,200.00 per year will be paid as a tool allowance for all Lead Technicians. Lead Technicians are responsible for the development and training of "T1" and "T2" installers. The tool allowance incentive will be earned and paid monthly ($100.00 per month paid on the first pay period of each month) for providing specialty tools as needed to the "T1" and "T2" installers. As always, the company will continue to provide a tool box in each store for the basic tools that are needed. To qualify as a Lead Technician and receive the tool allowance, the "T3" technician must have a minimum of $10,000.00 in tools, be willing to provide tools to the "T1" and "T2" employees as needed, and be ASE certified in at least 2 areas, and work in the California facility. Personal tools are required for this position. The majority of our best managers advance through our service departments. Tell us where you'd like to be in 2 to 5 years and let us help you get there.

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