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Sales Associate

The job responsibilities of a Retail Sales Manager (RSM) are primarily focused on serving customers. However, they also expand to into some of the duties of a Store Managers as the Retail Sales Associate is responsible for operating the facility on the Store Manager’s days off. Some of the specifics of your responsibilities are listed below (This is meant to be a summarized listing and in no way a complete listing of duties).

  • OPENING – Report to work at your scheduled time. Be prepared to open and close the store on the days where you are scheduled for these duties.
  • SECURITY – The building to be secured locked, and the alarm set each evening. RSM’s will be second on the list to answer and respond to all alarm calls. The parts and Tire stockrooms locked at all times during and after business hours.
  • ADMININSTRATIVE – Manage and control the employee’s scheduled hours. Insure that your staff gets their required meal breaks (employees working more than 6 hours must have a lunch break within the first 5 hours) and a 10 minute break every 4 hours. Maintain showroom, waiting area, shop area and outside grounds in a clean and orderly fashion. Maintain inside and outside displays including current P.O.S. materials. Keep up file on appreciation calls, 1 to 31 file and commercial account log. Ensure all paperwork accurately reflects the work performed. Insure staff productivity including work assignments of all store employees, service work, and cleaning detail.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Insure 100% customer satisfaction. This includes printing the previous days audit trail and making daily follow-up calls to review the sales of your employees and that you met the customer’s needs. Show and explain all old parts and verifying that the work was done as invoiced. Handle all in-store complaints. Insure that all Customers are handled in a prompt an efficient manner including, greeting customers, answering phones, writing tire and service work orders, receiving payment and describing services done and applicable warranties.
  • POLICY ADHERENCE - Scher Tire’s Mandatory Sales Steps must be explained, taught and followed by all employees. It is your responsibility to insure that these programs are in adherence. As a RSM you should be an example and a leader in these areas (see Scher Tire MSS training guide).
  • DRESS CODE – You are provided a choice of three shirts, which include a polo and a white or blue oxford shirt (ties optional), pants should be dark blue or beige slacks (no shorts or denim material). Our success depends in large measure upon the image presented to our customers and the general public. Because it does, a neat, clean, and business-like appearance is important. Clothing, hair and jewelry should not call attention because of fit, color, or radical style.
  • LEGAL REQUIREMENTS - You are responsible to insure that all transactions are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the Department of Consumer Affairs as detailed in the Bureau of Automotive Repair's "Write it Right Guide". You are responsible to insure that all work that is invoice is completed. As the Manager in direct charge and supervision of the store, the Department of Consumer Affairs may hold you personally liable. You are responsible for all State and local regulatory requirements including but not limited to the BAR, OSHA, Environmental issues, Mandatory postings, and the Injury Illness and Prevention Plan
  • DEVELOP CUSTOMER BASE -Must be able to maintain and develop the stores customer base. This base is measured in the average number of cars written per day and the overall customer satisfaction index.
  • OPERATE A WORLD CLASS FACILITY - Must operate a “World Class” facility where our customers enjoy the comfort and trust associated with a clean professional outlet.
  • MANDATORY SALES STEPS- Every employee in the outlet must follow the mandatory sales steps
  • NOTIFICATION – You have the duty to inform the proper staff officials whenever any improprieties or wrong doings affect the company and to immediately notify the office of any industrial or liability claims.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Greet customers, answering phone, writing tire and service work orders, educate and explain repair options. Make the follow-up calls. These calls should be done early so any problems can be corrected as soon as possible. The purpose of these calls is to insure that the store has zero complaints and 100% customer satisfaction. Assign work to the installers and insure that the work is completed.
  • SALES - Prepare estimates and sell the recommended work using the ABC method. Pull and/or order the parts needed for all jobs sold. Parts should be ordered from primary parts suppliers first. Communicate with customers concerning additional repairs, promised completions times and unexpected delays. Show old parts and explain repairs to customers prior to finalizing the invoice.
  • NOTIFICATION - You have the duty to inform the proper staff officials whenever any improprieties or wrong doings affect the company and to immediately notify the office of any industrial or liability claims.
  • HOUSE KEEPING – Assign or perform daily housekeeping tasks to insure a clean and safe work environment.
  • MERCHANDISING - Keep store well merchandised both inside and outside on a continual basis.
  • CLOSING - Complete the B50 accurately at the close of business each day. Account for the security and accuracy of the daily deposits.
  • NET INCOME – The ultimate goal of every employee is to maximize the store’s overall profitability which in very general terms is accomplished by
    1. Increasing sales
    2. Increasing Gross Profit and Margins
    3. Decreasing Expenses

The success of any store depends on every employee taking an active role in the pursuit of the stores profitability by performing some basic responsibilities on a daily basis.

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